The Swan International Crib League 2013 - sponsored by Stowford Press

Final league placings

Gerry - Championi
I would like to congratulate all the players on a tight contest.
Perhaps class came through in the end and perhaps the tough agenda was too much for some of the older players, tiring come the end.
Youngsters to look out for next year -  Wellsy and Dangerous

I gave it my best shot after winning the 2011.
I'm not getting any younger and need more time to prepare for 2014 - best man won.

Thrilled to finish in the top 6.
My knee playing up didn't help my game. I need an op. now and will be back next year.
I never walk (limp) alone.

I'm going to have a long rest and not do so much housework.
I need to focus on my game - Gerry's a true champion

I was robbed

Work stopped me preparing as much as I wanted to

Needed more time to get used to my new board pegs and Bond cards that you gave me.
Hope to do better next year.

After a bad start pleased to finish last but one.

Tough competition need to play more and work at my shuffling.
Teams play at The Swan on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and are members of local leagues.
The Swan (Tuesday) is ably captained by Clive Burrett.
The "skipper" for The Swan (Thursday) is Pete Crowley.

The Swan Thursday Crib Team - Premier League winners 2011/2012
League & Cup winners 2013/2014

Results etc. can Be found by clicking on the link
Last year (2012) an "afternoon first-shift" regulars crib knockout competition was held


Skittles is becoming increasingly popular at The Swan with the alley being used most nights apart from weekends.
The alley is also available for private functions.
A complimentary platter of sausages, chips and bread & butter is provided during the evening.
Currently (Jan 2013) 8 different teams use the alley during the week.

Swan Summer Skittles 2013

Avons Skitttle Team originally played at the BLUE BOWL Hanham, but when their alley "fell down" in 1970 something, the team moved to the Swan who were able to accommodate them, and played under the name of Blue Bowl Exiles. This name continued for a while until some modern thinking people came along (us)! and decided on a more appropriate name Avons because of the river running at the bottom of the road and the name has stayed ever since.
They play in the Fishponds and District Front First Skittle League Div. 2
Over the years they have gained promotion to the 1st division 3 times but came back down the flowing season except 2 years ago when they managed to survive for one season in the hallowed heights of the 1st. Currently (Jan 2013) they are in the top half of the 2nd Div.

Swan Summer 2011 Skittles Final League Tables


Summer 2010 League
Skittles pics
CROSS KEYS win League C 

Kingswood Front First Skittles League web site


Summer Skittles Presentation Night
Friday 21 Aug 2009

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